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    Celebrity Squares

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  • Fun Corporate Game Show-Know It All

    Know It All

    one of our most popular game shows

  • Best of the Best game show

    Best of the Best

    works well as a stand-alone game or as an add-on

  • In It To Win It Game Show

    In It To Win It

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  • Wheel Of Fun

    Wheel Of Fun

    Popular world class game show

  • Know It All-Custom Game Show

    Know It All

    Customizable Game Show

  • Celebrity Tic Tac Toe

    Celebrity Tic Tac Toe

    This show rocks!

  • Ultimate Countdown Game Show

    Ultimate Countdown

    Fast-paced Game Show

  • Corporate Know It All Game Show

    Know It All

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  • Fun Game Show for fairs and festivals

    Survey Says

    Fun at the Fair

College Game ShowsGame Show for Campus Activities

The Game Show Source offers a wide range of fun and interactive game shows for campus activities. Below are just some of the many interactive game shows and college campus game shows we offer. With all of our campus shows, there are many variations to the way we format the game. In addition, we offer packages of game shows where one exciting game show leads into another. I invite you to see these options by visiting our Best of the Best, In It To Win It and Game Show Variety Show pages. No matter which game show or game shows you choose, we will put our twenty-four years in the game show production business to work for you and exceed your expectations.

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University game show-Know It All

The most customizable game showKnow It All

Our exclusive Know It All Game Show is the most versatile and customizable game show available today. Virtually every aspect of the game and stage set presentation can be altered or customized for your application and event. Naming and custom branding, team or individual play, type of content, your custom content, and audio or video clips are just a few of the many things we can customize with this game show.

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Team survey game showSurvey Says

Two teams compete in this game with three, four or five members on each team. Each team tries to guess the survey questions that have been answered by about one hundred people. Teams score points based on how many people came up with the same answer. Use the already installed Survey Questions or give us your survey questions that pertain to your college or university and we will take it from there! This is one of our most popular campus game show packages. You’ll know why after your show!

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Survey Says popular college campus game show
Campus It It To Win It

one minute challengeIn It To Win It

This game show is based on the popular NBC show Minute To Win It and the classic Beat The Clock. We mix custom challenges suited for your company with our favorite physical challenges and add the element of team play to a countdown clock scenario. Each of the challenges has a point value for completion during the designated time frame. Our custom designed software displays the name of the challenge, basic instructions, the goal, countdown clock. The software tracks the teams’ scores as well. In It To Win It is further enhanced by our professional host, facilitators, and motivational music! This competitive interactive game show is the perfect stand-alone or add-on game show for your program!

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Two popular game shows meet in the middleUltimate Countdown

Ultimate Countdown is our, ORIGINAL, interactive game show that offers the perfect combination of speed and knowledge, with fast paced action for a wide range of game show events. When playing the game, the countdown lights flash on the screen, and all of players have multiple opportunities to be the first to buzz in and earn points by identifying any one of up to eight correct answers to each question. Countdown typically incorporates 3 or 4 player positions but will work with up to 16. Since the players at each of the positions can represent a team, everyone is part of the fun. Mixes well with Best of the Best and In It To Win It.

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Fast and Fun campus activity
The Challenge for college campus

Popular category and question game showThe Challenge

You'll think you are playing one of the most popular long running game shows on television. Choose three, four or up to sixteen player positions. With all of our college and university game shows we have various ways to format the game. In addition, this show is excellent for both small and large groups. We’ll add your custom categories and questions or you can choose from our many categories and questions already in the program. Each round can be short or long since we can format the board to have between three and five categories and three and five questions per category.

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One of America's most popular gamesWheel Of Fun

With Wheel Of Fun contestants try to guess the word puzzle with the letters that have been chosen. The puzzle can feature your message, relate to your school and demographic. Contestants spin the wheel and earn points by guessing what consonants and vowels are in the puzzle. If the letters are hidden behind the squares, they are revealed. We have various ways to format the game for your event and can play long or short rounds depending upon how many contestants are in attendance. Use the puzzles included in the software or we'll customize them for you. Our giant wheel with flashing LED lights and all new Game Show Set create a game that will be the hit of the event!

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Wheel fun game show for university
Best of the Best college campus

The game that everyone playsBest of the Best

Best of the Best is an excellent way to involve the entire audience, experience all the TV Game Show excitement, and learn while having great fun. We combine the most popular elements TV game shows, together with our wireless audience response system to create a show that is engaging and fun for everyone! The competition is fierce when everyone in the room competes as individuals or teams to answer questions quickly and correctly in order to be the Best of the Best at your event and then move on to play one of our other exciting feature game shows!

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Pricing games and challengesPrices and Prizes

Prices and Prizes has a wide range of pricing games that involve guessing the prices of food, household goods, and some really unusual items. We can also customize the show and use products that pertain to your school or event. The contestant that wins the initial pricing game gets the opportunity to move on and try one of our many physical challenges. In addition, we design the game show so as many contestants as possible have the opportunity to spin The Big Wheel, drop chips or go in the Whirlwind cash cube. This game show package is totally customizable.

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Price is right at college campus
Millionaire style game show for college/university

So you want to be a millionaireWho Wants to be a Game Show Millionaire

Play the game that America is still talking about. This multi level game emulates Millionaire and allows you to create the questions and name the point values and prizes or use the installed questions! We can design the game just like the real show or play our unique multi-player mode where as many as four players compete at the same time. Of course this allows many more people to participate. Imagine up to four player positions instead of just one person playing! Any way you choose to setup this fun game show, the contestants and audience will be impressed and will have fun.

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A little luck-a little knowledgeStar Power

Star Power is an exciting game of chance with one to four players. The contestants each pick their initial star which goes into their “bank”. After each of the contestants has banked their star, the next contestant picks from the remaining stars and the points within that star are shown on the screen and given or taken away (Black Hole) from the contestant. Hidden inside some of the stars are Double Bonus Stars, which double the points of that star and Black Holes, which subtract the value of the star. The excitement builds as points are added or taken away from the players, all with out-of-this-world graphics and sounds.

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Star Power for College Campus
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