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Corporate Game Show FAQsGame Show Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How many guests can play the game?
Answer: We format our games so that everyone is part of the action. In addition, we have games with wireless keypads so everyone in the room plays. Our Best of the Best game show features wireless keypads and also includes one of our many exciting game show productions.

Question: Can we write our own questions?
Answer: Definitely. Our clients can write questions that pertain to their business, messaging, or training.

Question: Will you help us write questions?
Answer: Yes, we can assist with writing questions.

Question: Who will host our game show?
Answer: We have a wide range of professional game show hosts available, all with ten years of experience or more as game show hosts. We can also provide celebrity game show hosts for your event.

Question: Can we provide our own host?
Answer: Yes, you can provide your own host. In some cases this is the president or CEO of the company, one of the trainers or sales managers. We work with them in advance to thoroughly understand the game so they feel comfortable as they host.

Question: Can we play more than one game?
Answer: Yes, we have custom packages that are designed to mix different games together. We offer Best of the Best which starts out as an Audience Response keypad game for everyone and then flows into one of our many game shows. We also offer the Game Show Variety Pack and bundle two or more game shows into an awesome combination show.

Question: How much space is needed for the game show?
Answer: Each game show is different; here are a few of the minimum space requirements for the standard shows: Face-Off!: Small footprint, only 6’-8’ wide by 4’-5’ deep. Game Show Mania: Footprint varies from very small (6’ X 8’) to very large area depending on type of show and number of participants. The Challenge, Ultimate Countdown, Spin To Win: Please check with us because we have small and large versions of these games. Star Power: Footprint varies from very small (6’ X 6’) to very large area depending on type of show and number of participants. Friendly Feud: Medium footprint, about 15’ wide by 6’ deep. In It To Win It: Footprint varies from very small (6’ X 6’ for a trade show) to very large area depending on type of show and number of participants. Celebrity Tic Tac Toe: This game is normally set up as a footprint of 12’-15’ wide by about 15’ deep and needs at least a 12’ ceiling height. Celebrity Squares: This game has a footprint of 18’ wide by about 15’ deep and needs 15’ for the new low profile version and 18’ ceiling height for the standard version.

Question: Do we need to provide any A/V equipment?
Answer: If there is already equipment on site which is being used for other aspects of your event, we can use that equipment. In addition, we have a large inventory of top notch sound equipment, video projectors, screens and backdrops which we incorporate into your custom game show package as needed.

Question: How long will the game show last?
Answer: There is no set standard length of time because each show is different. After we discuss your game show goals and objectives, we will suggest the recommended length of time.

Question: Do you have a blog so we can keep up with the latest news and information?
Answer: Yes, please visit The Game Show Source Blog.

Question: Do you have any printable material about your game shows?
Answer: Yes, please download our printable Game Show Source Catalog of Services.

Question: What forms of payment do you accept for your services?
Answer: We accept Company Checks, Master Card, VISA and American Express.

Question: Do you have insurance?
Answer: Yes, we have a liability and vehicle policies specifically for our highly specialized type of business.

Question: Do you travel around the country for game shows?
Answer: Yes, not only do we travel anywhere in the United States, we have recently performed in Dominican Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada and The Bahamas.

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